bite wafers copper
Bite Wafers

Single layered bite wafer in U form. Packaged 50 units per box.

Laminated Bite Wafers

Double layered bite wafer in U form stabilized by an aluminium foil in the center.

Packaged 24, 36 or 84 units/box, 16 boxes/case.
Non-Laminated Bite Wafer

yellow green
Laminated Bite Wafer

blue copper white
orthopedic wax bites
Orthopedic Wax Bites

Packaged 28 units per box, 21 boxes/case.

Available Colors



bite registration
Bite Registration Wax

2 forms available:
Sheets: Dimensions: 6" (15.24 cm) x 3" (7.62 cm).
Packaged 1 lb (454 g)/box
Wafers: Packaged 25 per box.g).

Available Colors

light blue

Carmel's Wax Description
Bite Stick (Soft) Economical bite registration wax.
Bite Wafer U-shaped and designed for a fast precise retain of the situation.
Bite Wafer Laminated U-shaped wax wafers with a foil laminated center. Used for checking occlusal relationships. Thin foil layer prevents teeth from biting through. Copper particles provide uniform flow of heat and soften quickly. Sets hard when chilled.
Bite Registration Wax Product is dimensionally stable, will not shrink or distort as it cools and are ideal for checking and maintaining accurate occlusal records. Bite sheets heat to "dead soft" when warmed (58C-135F). The sheets conform to the mouth to every detail and set by water or room temperature.  Will not deflect the mandible.
Orthopedic Wax Bite “Butterfly” Used to take accurate wax bite.

Orthopedic wax bites - custom formulated to make appropriate teeth registration for construction of orthopedic appliances.

Also Available: check bite hard wafers, copper soft wafer.