presentation wax
Presentation Wax

Packaged in 2 oz (56.7 g) tins.

Available Colors



chrome cobalt wax
Chrome Cobalt Wax

1 lb (454 g) of chunks per box.

Available Colors

dark blue


sculpturing wax
Sculpturing Wax

Packaged in 2.469 oz (70 g) tins.

Available Colors

purple blue brown red green grey


modelling wax
Modelling Wax

Packaged in 2 oz (56.7 g) tins.

Available Colors

blue red green


margin wax
Margin Wax

Packaged in 2 oz (56.7 g) tins.

Available Colors

yellow white red dark blue


Carmel's Wax Description
Margin Wax

“Cervical Wax”

Used to seal margins of copings, crowns, inlays and onlays.

This wax has a degree of fluidity that will allow it to flow and fit perfectly in cervical areas, with just the right elasticity and flexibility to produce sharp clean and accurate margins. It is semi transparent, non-gummy, has a medium hardness, and high adaptation and stability to surfaces. It will wet model surface without shrinkage and with minimal contraction or lifting.

Produce easily-visible margin edges, accurately draws off over imperfections in the die, and precisely defines the anatomy in the metal restorations.

Sculpturing Wax

“Crown & Bridge Wax”

“Carving Wax”

Used for sculpturing inlays, onlays, full crowns, ceramic frameworks, implants and partial denture patterns. Can be involved in crown preparations and direct wax-up of resin bonded bridges.

The wax as a high viscosity so it won’t run when molten. That viscosity enable it to be used in the build up of a wax mass or the forming of edge mouldings.

It sets to medium hardness and has excellent carvability without being brittle or gummy. It has a flexible memory and is a very malleable wax that can retain it's shape and will have a low-shrinkage (small contraction).

Presentation Wax Tins A white, enamel-like wax used to makes a more aesthetic case presentation (wax-up). Easy carving properties. Also aids in the fabrication of temporaries.

Carmel's Wax Description
Set Up Wax A wax that is specifically formulated for arranging and articulating artificial teeth by providing a firm attachment of the artificial teeth to the base plate. The wax is quite hard at room temperatures, but when it is softened, it become very tough, slightly tacky, and it allows considerable elongation. This permits tooth placement without wax fracture.

The carves easily and boils-out cleanly. While tooth arrangement is the primary indication, Set-Up Wax can also find other use in the lab. 

Euro Set Up Wax (3 hardness)

Similar to Pink #2

Used in the construction of the wax rim in which the artificial teeth and molars are placed in the process of preparing a prosthesis. Wax is tenacious, will not break easily and have exceptionally good handling properties. Can be modelled to a desired shape while warmed and upon cooling, it will retain it's shape with great dimensional stability and excellent adhesiveness to the other dental materials involved.

Also Available: Chrome cobalt margin inlay sticky wire spool dipping sprue wax