inlay wax
Inlay Wax

Tins: 2 oz (56.7 g) per tin.
Chunks: 1 lb (454 g) per box, packaged 24 boxes/case.
Sticks: 12, 24, or 120 per box.

Available Colors for both Tins & Sticks

blue green ivory


sticky wax
Sticky Wax

Chunks: 1 lb (454 g) per box, packaged 24 boxes/case.
Sticks: 12, 24, or 120 per box.

Available Colors



wire wax
Wire Wax

Wax wire wound on spools containing 0.5 lb
(227 g) or 8.8 oz (250 g). Available in blue, natural, green, turquoise and white, in different hardnesses.

Packaged 1 spool/box, 50 boxes/case.
Different sizes can be combined to fill a case.

Available Colors


dipping wax
Dipping Wax

Packaged in 9 oz (255 g) and 18 oz (510 g) bottles.

Available Colors

yellow blue red green


Carmel's Wax Description
Dipping Wax Used to make coping for inlay and onlay pattern by covering dies with a base coat of wax.

The die is dipped once into liquefied wax to produce a perfectly adapted, detailed, reproducible and accurate  copings of wax that has an even wall thickness with sealed margins. The coping allows virtually immediate and easy carving. The crush resistant copings come off the dies clean while supporting flexible and sharp margins.

The wax has high elasticity (memory), burnout clean and has minimum shrinkage (consistent dimensional integrity). The wax has also excellent scraping and cutting qualities, as it can be carved & shaped and will resist warping, breaking or deforming of the copings, giving it best fittings and easy adaption of the casted crowns.

Inlay Wax Chunks, Sticks & Tin Waxes developed for the requirements of inlay technique. The wax is form-stable and contraction resistant (low shrinkage) from wax-up to burnout. It will not to pull, flare, chip, crack, drag or expand at the margins even when being cast in extremely thin sections. It will resists deformation due to handling and can be easily carved. Will not become sticky or flaky or gum up instruments and will burn-out cleanly with no residue.

Carmel's Wax Description
Sticky Wax Chunk & Stick The wax is also known as “model cement” and is used to hold or weld material or pieces together. It can also be used to sprue connect or repairs wax patterns.

The wax is melted with a gas flame and used as a wax “glue”. To remove the wax, just reheat it and it will melts cleanly away without residue.

The wax is highly tenacious (strong), hard, fast-setting and very adhesive. It flows easily, sets firmly, and is rigid at room temperature.

Spool “Wire” Wax The product is a pliable blue wax wire wound on spools. Spools have center hole so that they can be placed on a round dowel and unwound as needed.

These waxes can easily be handled, shaped, formed and worked together with a heated spatula. Different sizes and shapes can be joined together to develop a model. This high quality, pliable wax is ideal for producing lingual bars and retentions. While extremely flexible, this wax is strong enough to be twisted or bent to conform to any shape without cracking or breaking.

Different stock shapes are available with gauges ranging from 6 through 20.

The wax wire on rolls is very economical in terms of consumption, because only the amount actually required needs to be cut, thus providing excellent value for money.