baseplate waxes
Baseplate Waxes
(Dimensions & formulas for countries
throughout the American continent)

All formulas are available in 1 lb (454 g) and 5 lb (2.270 kg) boxes. 5 lb boxes packaged 10 boxes/case

Available Colors

pink red yellow


Width:15.24 cm - 6"
Height:7.62 cm - 3"
modelling wax sheets
Modelling Wax Sheets
(European dimensions & formulas)

All formulas are available in 500 g (1.1 lb) and 2.5 kg (5.51 lb) boxes. 2.5 kg boxes packaged 10 boxes/case.

Available Colors



Width:15.24 cm - 6 3/4"
Height:7.62 cm - 3 5/16"

Carmel's Wax Description
Accu-Byte “Bite Right” Sheets Sheet form of bite wax, with same properties as cake form.
Beeswax Sheet Made of pure, natural beeswax with no additives. Wax softens easily under hot water.
BP100,101 & 102 Pink & Red Quebec Baseplate.
Expert Pink Specially formulated for use in Dentistry Technique.
Dura Tough / FlexiTough  
Expert Wax Specially formulated to check for premature occlusion and as an articulating medium.
Extra Tough Durable, all-purpose wax that is hard but not brittle yet pliable . Tough, pliable and sufficiently tacky to hold teeth well. Takes polish and boils out.
Flexi-II “Truform Pink  
Four Season General all purpose wax for bites, registration and impression.
Natural Bite Wax Sheets Soft and pliable Yellow wax. Softens quickly and flows easily.
Pink #2 Highly flexible and pliable wax. Will withstand considerable bending without cracking or breaking. Hold shape and provide clean boil-out.  

ADA Type I Baseplate Wax

Pink #3 Easily softened and cooled to minimize shrinkage. Soft modeling. Extra tough for easier set-ups.
Pink Bulldog “Premium Light Tenacious” Tenacious and flexible wax. Not as flexible as Pink #2.
Precision Pink  
Pretty Pink Hard For warmer climates or when hardness is required.
Pretty Pink X-Hard For warmer climates or when extra hardness is required. Especially designed for accurate bite registration. It is extremely accurate and stable when used in hot water and chilled after using inter-orally. Modeling done in hot water (60°C-140°F), cool down fast in the mount.
Q-Wax Pink & Red  
Red C / Flexi-II Red “Truform Red”  
Universal Pink & Red All season and all purpose wax.

Carmel's Wax Description
Euro #2 Easy to carve. Suitable for a variety of situations.
Euro #4 Used by the technician to create the preliminary denture base for the dentist to try in the patient's mouth. Good handling properties and makes tooth setting easier and faster. Low warpage and shrinkage giving it stability at try-in, and better fit.
ADA Type I Baseplate Wax
Precision Pink  
Summit High Quality baseplate, made of microwax and paraffin. High plasticity, will not shrink while cooling, will not deform in the mouth. High melting point of 64°C.
Summit Hard For warmer climates or when hardness is required.

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