utility wax
Utility Wax

Two profiles available:
Round: 3/16" (4.76 mm) diameter x 11"(27.94 cm) long. 64 rods per box.
Square: 3/16" (4.76 mm) x 11"(27.9 4 cm)long. 44 strips per box, packaged 50 boxes/case.

Available Colors

white red




boxing wax
Boxing Wax

11" (27.94 cm) long x 1.5 " (3.81 cm) wide Regular: 0.0625" (1.6 mm) thick. | Extra thin: 0.040" (1.0 mm) thick.

Packaged 1 lb (454 g) & 5 lb (2.270 kg) per box. 1 lb boxes packaged 50 boxes/case. 5 lb boxes packaged 10 boxes/case.

Available Colors

red red
1 lb  5 lbs

periphery wax
Periphery Wax

6" (15.24 cm) x 1/4" (6.4 mm) diameter. Packaged 60 rods per box.

Available Colors



sprue wax
Sprue Wax

6" (15.24 cm) long round rod.
Packaged 1 lb (454 g) per box, 20 boxes/case.

5 (0.182", 4.62mm), 6 (0.162, 4.1mm), 8 (0.128", 3.3mm), 10 (0.102", 2.6mm)
and 1/4" (6.4mm) gauge.

Available Colors



lingual bar
Lingual Bar

Packaged 1 lb (454g) per box.

Available Colors



beading wax
Beading Wax

Packaged 5 lbs (2.270 kg) per box,
10 boxes/case.

Available Colors



Carmel's Wax Description
Beading Wax Soft wax used to bead round the edge of a functional impressions to preserve the peripheral roll prior to casting.
Boxing Wax (Regular & Thin) Designed for boxing impressions prior to pouring the model. Wax assists in creating interesting pattern configurations. Melts at 80░C / 176░F. Available in regular (0.097 in.) and thin (0.040).
Periphery Wax Used for border molding. Specially formulated for hydrocolloid impressions. Tacky but not greasy. Adheres easily to trays.
Utility Wax White & Red
(round & square)
Soft and pliable. Tacky at room temperature but not greasy. Once applied, it will adhere without heat.

It is used for build-up (border molding) as well as extending of impression trays and post-damming. It is also used for beading impressions to preserve the peripheral roll and for filling sprue bases and mending patterns.

Sprue Wax      Fully refined to remove impurities, the wax sprue rods burn-out quickly without residue. Perfect for building even the most demanding sprue systems. The wax has flexibility and sufficient rigidity for sprueing and mounting a wax pattern. Specially formulated (173║F/ 78║C melting temp) not just to hold patterns during the investing process but also for easy elimination during burnout.
Lingual Bar Speciality Product for unique technique.