Dental Waxes, Bite Block

Modeling, base-plate, sheet, setup, utility & boxing, bite impression, preformed rims, dipping & inlay, margin, sculpturing, presentation, sticky spool wire and sprue waxes

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Denture orthopedic wax bite bites occlusal rim rims bite block bite registration soft wafers laminated bite wafer laminated. Copper wax check bite wafer utility wax boxing regular thin hard periphery wax lingual bar sprue beading, base plate waxes toughened baseplate setup set up sheet sheets modelling modeling wax all season extra tough. Truform tru form true pink number # 2 wax, medium 3 med pink tough flexi universal wax red regular standard bull dog premium light tenacious lt. Four season wax 4 pretty pink expert, Q, accu-bite x-pink 100 101 102 tropical relief. Patient, Orthodontic braces, presentation chrome cobalt sculpturing wax margin inlay sticky wire spool dipping wax bite stick sticks.

Welcome to our web site! Carmel is a registered and licensed CE and FDA manufacturer of first-class dental wax : modeling, orthodontic, sheet, utility, and bite impression wax.

Carmel was founded in 1974. We are a leader in the manufacturing of dental waxes in North America. We have distributors over the world.

A good quality product with a reasonable price is our simple motto. After 35 years of continuous innovation we have manufactured superior quality dental products. You are invited to talk to our sales representative about your needs.

Carmel offer different types of dental materials and